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A Liver and Gallbladder Ultrasound can help you identify conditions that damage the liver overtime which can lead to scarring (cirrhosis).

Scans performed by Specialist Doctors feel confident in the care you receive and gain peace of mind with Same-Day Results & Tailored Advice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Liver disease can be inherited (genetic) or caused by a variety of factors that can cause damage to the liver, such as viruses, alcohol use and obesity.

Over time, conditions that damage the liver can lead to scarring (cirrhosis), which can lead to liver failure, a life-threatening condition. Early diagnosis and treatment may give the liver time to heal.

Liver disease doesn’t always cause noticeable signs and symptoms. If signs and symptoms of liver disease do occur, they may include:

  • Skin and eyes that appear yellowish (jaundice)
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark urine colour
  • Pale stool colour
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • A tendency to bruise easily

Liver ultrasounds are a reliable, safe and painless procedure to identify certain types of liver issues such as:

  • Hepatomegaly: Enlargement of the liver, which can be due to heart failure, infection or cancer
  • Hepatic steatosis: Fat infiltration of the liver, this can be due to alcohol, obesity and diabetes
  • Tumours: This can be from the liver itself such as hepatocellular carcinoma or secondary to other cancers such as colorectal, breast or lung cancers
  • Cirrhosis: Chronic liver disease causes liver fibrosis and nodule formation as the liver tries to repair itself. This is most commonly caused by hepatitis
  • Infections and alcohol consumption.
  • Hepatic cysts
  • Liver abscesses: A collection of pus in the liver, usually as a result of infection
  • Hemangioma: Benign vascular lesions made up of multiple small blood vessels, often an incidental finding and commonly seen in females

Typically, the gallbladder doesn’t cause too many problems or much concern, but if foods that may aggravate gallbladder disease, slow or block the flow of bile from the gallbladder.


  • foods high in trans fats and other unhealthy fats
  • processed foods
  • refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugar

Try to build your diet around:

  • fibre-rich fruits and vegetables
  • calcium-rich foods, such as low-fat dairy and dark leafy greens
  • foods containing vitamin C, such as berries
  • plant-based protein, such as tofu, beans and lentils
  • healthy fats, such as nuts and fish
  • coffee, which reduces your risk of gallstones and other gallbladder diseases

When something goes wrong with your gallbladder or the bile ducts, the upper right side of your belly may hurt. You may also feel:

  • Pain in your back or chest, especially when you take deep breaths
  • Feverish
  • Like throwing up
  • Bloated
  • Itchy
  • Tired

Other common symptoms include yellow skin and eyes (known as jaundice), weight loss, and colour changes in your pee or poop.

Ultrasound can be used to identify:

  • Location and size of gallstones,
  • Infection,
  • Blockage,
  • Tumours,
  • Biliary ducts within the liver that exit into the gallbladder.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have any persistent signs or symptoms that we have mentioned on this page or really worry you.

Seek immediate medical attention if you have abdominal pain that is so severe that you can’t stay still.

Symptoms of a gallbladder problem may come and go. However, you’re more likely to develop a gallbladder problem if you’ve had one before.

While gallbladder problems are rarely deadly, they should still be treated. You can prevent gallbladder problems from worsening if you take action and see a doctor.

Symptoms that should prompt you to seek immediate medical attention include:

  • abdominal pain that lasts at least 5 hours
  • jaundice
  • pale stools
  • sweating, low-grade fever, or chills, if they’re accompanied by the above symptoms

In order to make sure we are able to image the gallbladder effectively.

You will be asked to maintain a fat-free diet on the day of the examination and avoid eating for at least 4-6 hours.

The examination will take 10-15 minutes and you may be asked to alter position to further assess any gallstones.

There is no particular type of care required after a Liver & Gallbladder ultrasound. You may resume your regular diet and daily activities unless your doctor advises you differently.

There are no confirmed adverse biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposures to ultrasound at the intensity levels used in diagnostic ultrasound.

But depending on your particular results, the doctor may give you additional or alternative instructions after the procedure.

Many of our patients are concerned that if they come to us for an ultrasound, they won’t be able to go back to public health. That simply is not the case.

Our goal is to give you answers as quickly as possible and get you on the right treatment path fast – no strings attached.

When you come to us, you will be seen by a qualified specialist who can determine if your situation is serious or not that same day.

We don’t want you to wait weeks on end for an appointment because every minute counts when it comes to something as important as your health.

If your situation is serious, our specialist will write to your doctor on the NHS advising them that you need an urgent appointment.

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