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A Lumps and Bumps Ultrasound or Soft Tissue Ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive exam that can help you identify the underlying cause of your lump or bump before they progress.

Performed by Specialist Doctors who provides you with a uniquely tailored assessment that will help identify concerns early. Gain peace of mind with Same-Day Results feel confident in the care you receive.


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In addition to the report, images of your scan will be sent for you to share with a healthcare specialist of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal to have concerns if an unusual lump or bump appears on your body. Rest assured that the vast majority of soft tissue masses are harmless. However, in rare instances, they can indicate a more serious problem and should be evaluated.

Lumps or bumps that cause pain and discomfort are most often benign. In contrast, rare malignant soft tissue tumours cause no initial pain but can turn painful and deadly if left untreated.

The sooner you diagnose the underlying cause of your lump or bump, the better your chances of successful treatment.

Ultrasound imaging is a cost-effective method used to evaluate soft tissue tumours and neoplasms. A specialist consultant can identify a potentially aggressive growth, lesion or ulcer and advise you on how to proceed.

An ultrasound scan can also eliminate the need for more expensive imaging like an MRI, or it may help you avoid an unnecessary biopsy procedure.

Ultrasonography is a powerful tool in the diagnosis of soft tissue lumps and bumps and a decisive step towards appropriate treatment and peace of mind.

No, a lump in the Neck or Breast region requires an assessment by a doctor that specialises in that particular area; this will ensure that the scan performed is tailored to you, keeping you informed and reassured throughout your appointment.

Please take a look at our Breast Ultrasound or Neck Ultrasound scan services for more information. 

Athletes often experience lumps or bumps as a result of exercise, training or trauma. Swelling from a sprain or strain is sometimes confused with a soft tissue tumour.

If you can attribute your lump or bump to a specific incident like a fall or injury, then follow the RICE treatment for soft tissue injuries, which boosts your body’s ability to heal itself:

  • Rest – Stop the activity and avoid using the area where the lump has appeared. Rest is a crucial component of healing soft tissue injuries.
  • Ice – Apply an icepack to the bump to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Compression – Wrap the bump with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling.
  • Elevation – Keep the injured area raised above the level of your heart as much as possible.

If the injury shows no sign of improvement after several weeks, you should consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of a more serious condition. If your bump heals over time, there is generally no further cause for concern.

However, chronic overuse injuries where there is repetitive microtrauma like jumping or running can exceed the ability of soft tissue to repair itself, causing symptoms to persist.

According to the NCBI, ultrasonography is effective in both diagnosing and monitoring lower limb sporting injuries.

Soft tissue is a broad term that refers to muscle, fat, blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, tendons and other supporting tissue found throughout your body — all the body tissue that is not hard or calcified like bones and teeth.

Soft tissue tumours can be found nearly everywhere. The majority are benign, but any time you find a lump or bump, it’s important to have your symptoms checked.

Here are some typical lumps and bumps that the professionals at Harley Street Ultrasound Group examine:

  • Lipoma – Made of fat, a lipoma is a round lump that moves easily and does not usually cause pain. It is hereditary and very common, and it can develop anywhere on the body just under the skin. Most lipomas need no treatment but can be easily removed for cosmetic reasons.

  • Haematoma – A haematoma is a serious bruise or lump caused by blood spreading outside of a blood vessel due to injury or disease. In most cases, the haematoma will eventually dissolve and be absorbed back into the bloodstream.

  • Nerve Tumours – Most nerve tumours aren’t cancerous, but they can lead to pain, nerve damage and loss of function. They can occur anywhere in the body. Treatment usually involves surgery to remove the tumour.

  • Vascular Tumours – Abnormal soft tissue growth of blood or lymph vessels is known as a vascular tumour. This type of tumour can be either benign or malignant — however, cancerous vascular tumours are rare. Often, vascular tumours are simply birthmarks that heal on their own.

  • Baker’s Cysts – A soft lump filled with fluid that forms on the back of your knee, a Baker’s cyst is caused by joint damage that creates swelling. Ultrasound uses sound waves to determine whether the lump is solid or fluid. Treatment starts with the RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation.

  • Ganglion Cysts – Ganglion cysts are benign round or oval sacs filled with the thick synovial fluid that lubricates your joints and tendons. Unless they cause pain or discomfort, they can be left alone and may fade without treatment, but the process can take years.

Cancerous soft tissue tumours, known as sarcomas, are very rare.

Benign lumps and bumps are vastly more common than sarcomas, which makes the diagnosis of a malignant tumour difficult. They can develop at any age, although the majority occur in people over 40.

Most sarcomas are not initially painful and can grow quite large before they are discovered. If you do find a strange lump that develops rapidly and becomes painful, it is urgent that you seek medical care.

According to UK guidelines, a soft tissue lump that has three characteristics should be considered malignant until proven otherwise:

  1. Increasing in size
  2. Larger than 5 cm
  3. Painful

An ultrasound scan is usually the first diagnostic test performed to detect a sarcoma.

recent study concluded that ultrasonography demonstrated high diagnostic accuracy for malignant soft tissue tumours. The initial diagnostic distinction between a benign and a malignant soft tissue tumour is critical for deciding the appropriate course of treatment.

If the lump is cancerous, treatment includes a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

Ultrasound has been a safe, economical diagnostic tool for more than 50 years.

The skilled professionals at Harley Street Ultrasound Group use a probe that emits high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body.

Depending on the location of the lump or bump, you may need to remove some clothing and wear a hospital gown. A cool lubricating gel is applied to your skin to allow the probe to move smoothly.

After the procedure, one of our highly-trained specialists will review the results with you and recommend the next steps so you can monitor your health with assurance.

No significant preparation is required for this test. 

There is no particular type of care required after a Lumps & Bump Ultrasound. You may resume your regular diet and daily activities unless your doctor advises you differently.

There are no confirmed adverse biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposures to ultrasound at the intensity levels used in diagnostic ultrasound.

But depending on your particular results, the doctor may give you additional or alternative instructions after the procedure.

Many of our patients are concerned that if they come to us for an ultrasound, they won’t be able to go back to public health. That simply is not the case.

Our goal is to give you answers as quickly as possible and get you on the right treatment path fast – no strings attached.

When you come to us, you will be seen by a qualified specialist who can determine if your situation is serious or not that same day.

We don’t want you to wait weeks on end for an appointment because every minute counts when it comes to something as important as your health.

If your situation is serious, our specialist will write to your doctor on the NHS advising them that you need an urgent appointment.

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