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Private Non-Invasive Prenatal Test NIPT

From 10 - 40 Weeks | Pregnancy Scan Included

The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (Harmony Test) indicates the likelihood of three chromosomal conditions: Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome), and Trisomy 13 (Patau’s Syndrome). The test is taken after the 10-week gestational mark and involves a safe ultrasound and blood test.

Growing your family is one of the greatest joys in life, and safeguarding your baby’s health is paramount. Our Specialists  are committed to making your pregnancy journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


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Non-Invasive Prenatal Test NIPT

Learn more about your baby’s health with a non-invasive prenatal test

The Harmony Test is a safe and accurate way to learn more about your baby’s health during early pregnancy.


All Fees Inclusive

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Feel confident in the care you receive. Our specialists can interpret your scan and provide comprehensive advice if necessary.

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You do not require a referral before booking an appointment with our clinic — giving you back complete control of your health.

Priority Testing

As soon as your Harmony Test Results become available, we will get in touch to let you know about the findings, and this can generally take 7 – 10 working days

Full Digital Report

Following your appointment, a complete digital report of your Ultrasound Scan will be emailed to you directly and securely. The Harmony Test Results will follow once they are available.

High-Res Digital Images

In addition to the report, images of your scan will be sent for you to share with a healthcare specialist of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Non-Invasive Prenatal Test – NIPT (Harmony Test) is a non-invasive prenatal test that looks for several chromosomal conditions in pregnancies as early as ten weeks gestation.

When you are pregnant, your blood contains small amounts of your baby’s DNA. During the Harmony Test, you will undertake a blood test, allowing medical specialists to learn more about your baby and provide accurate likelihoods of common chromosome conditions, including trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18, and trisomy 13.

Sex chromosome anomalies are also assessed including Turner and Klinefelter syndrome. The test is highly accurate and is significantly better than traditional screening tools. (Please ask for further information about this option at your appointment.)

We understand the health of your baby is of paramount importance. A Harmony Test can give you peace of mind during early pregnancy.

an Non-Invasive Prenatal Test NIPT results show whether there is a high or low chance your baby has trisomy 21, trisomy 18, or trisomy 13.

  • Test results that indicate a high likelihood do not mean that your baby definitely has one of the conditions listed above. With 100% certainty, you can undergo Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), an Amniocentesis or Amnio tests.
  • Test results that indicate a less than 1 in 10,000 chance your baby has trisomy 21, trisomy 18, or trisomy 13 mean the likelihood is very low.

Your pregnancy journey is unique, and we believe in patient-centred care that ensures you maintain control of your health. The Harmony Test can also be used to uncover additional information about your baby, including:

  • Sex. You can find out whether your baby is male or female – the Harmony Test can also determine the sex of twins.
  • Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy. This condition occurs when a baby has differences in the number of X and Y chromosomes. This can result in learning and behavioural difficulties and other health concerns in some cases.
  • Monosomy X, also known as Turner Syndrome. This condition occurs in females missing an X chromosome. They may have heart, learning, or endocrine problems.

If you would like to learn more about the above conditions and whether you are at a higher risk, please speak to your trusted doctor.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test NIPT are extremely accurate. Results identify 99 per cent of pregnancies with trisomy 21. In contrast, other blood tests miss 1 in 5 pregnancies with trisomy 21.

What’s more, the Harmony Test has a low false-positive rate of 0.1 per cent. A false positive occurs when results flag an issue, yet the baby is healthy.

It’s understandable to feel concerned or uncertain after receiving an inconclusive harmony test result. 

We will likely recommend repeat testing to get a clearer picture of your baby’s health. This may include additional non-invasive tests.

Inconclusive harmony test results are relatively rare, occurring in less than 1% of cases. 

It’s important to keep in mind that an inconclusive result does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your pregnancy.


An inconclusive harmony test result means that there was not enough information obtained from the test to determine whether your baby is at risk for certain chromosomal abnormalities. 

This can happen for various reasons, such as not having enough foetal DNA in the sample or technical issues with the testing process.

An inconclusive harmony test result does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your pregnancy. 

It simply means that more information is needed to determine the likelihood of certain chromosomal abnormalities.

We are happy to provide guidance and support throughout your pregnancy and help you make informed decisions about necessary testing or treatment.

The health of you and your baby are your priorities. While the Harmony Test provides accurate information about some chromosome conditions, it cannot detect others.

For example, this non-invasive prenatal test cannot provide information on some rare chromosomal abnormalities. If your 11-13-week scan shows a high nuchal translucency (3.5 mm or more) or significant defects (such as exomphalos, holoprosencephaly, heart abnormalities, or megacysis), the likelihood of rare chromosomal conditions may be elevated.

If this is your experience, you may wish to undergo invasive testing using chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis (amnio). However, these procedures carry a risk of miscarriage. 0.5% chance with single and 1% with twins.

In addition, the Harmony Test doesn’t offer information on physical defects. This includes heart and brain conditions and spina bifida. It doesn’t provide details on foetal growth, either.

Therefore, we highly advise undergoing safe and non-invasive ultrasound scans at the 11-13- and 20-22-week milestones to check foetal anatomy and well-being. An additional growth scan at 30-32 weeks can examine foetal growth.

If you have any questions about your baby’s health and the tests you might need, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’d be more than happy to discuss your concerns.

Generally, the Harmony Test is recommended for pregnancies classified as higher risk. Chromosomal conditions are not usually hereditary and can occur in any pregnancy. And while the likelihood of having a baby with trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) increases as you age, most babies with trisomy 21 are born to parents under 35.

If you would like to learn more about your risk level and whether this non-invasive prenatal test is right for you, get in touch or speak with your trusted healthcare professional.

The Harmony Test is performed in two parts, both non-invasive.

First, you will have an ultrasound scan. Ultrasounds allow your specialist to see inside of your body, so they can confirm you are at the ten-plus-week gestational mark. Ultrasounds don’t use radiation and are safe for you and your baby.

Second, you will have a blood test. Your blood will be sent to a laboratory and analysed by specialists. Your results will be sent to your healthcare provider in three to five business days.

On rare occasions, about 5% of the time, can happen and you shouldn’t worry. Should the results come back inconclusive, our specialist will get in touch with you and provide you with advice on the next steps.

An early pregnancy scan is usually performed shortly after finding out you are pregnant.

This is usually 6 to 8 weeks after conception and the purpose of the scan is to confirm the pregnancy, assess early viability and to provide an accurate date of the pregnancy (the scan is often referred to as viability or dating scan).

If you experience any pain or bleeding in your early pregnancy, we advise having an ultrasound to check all is well. If you have experienced a miscarriage previously, we also advise having an early pregnancy ultrasound to assess the pregnancy.

We aim to provide you with the confidence and reassurance you deserve in the hands of our experienced team.

A sample of the mother’s blood is taken (usually from the arm). This is then sent to specialist’s labs with a result ready in 7 – 10 working days.

For your Early Pregnancy Ultrasound we advise drinking a few glasses of water an hour before your ultrasound as a full bladder will improve the visibility of your pregnancy on our external ultrasound scan.

Your doctor or midwife will want to know the results of the Harmony Test and are likely to ask you for a copy.

If you have any concerns about your test results, we can arrange for you to discuss them with an on-site Consultant Obstetrician.

There is no particular type of care required after a Blood Test & Early Pregnancy Ultrasound. You may resume your regular diet and daily activities unless your doctor advises you differently.

There are no confirmed adverse biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposures to ultrasound at the intensity levels used in diagnostic ultrasound.

But depending on your particular results, the doctor may give you additional or alternative instructions after the procedure.

Many of our patients are concerned that if they come to us for an Ultrasound or Blood Test, they won’t be able to go back to public health. That simply is not the case.

Our goal is to give you answers as quickly as possible and get you on the right treatment path fast – no strings attached.

When you come to us, you will be seen by a qualified specialist who can determine if your situation is serious or not that same day.

We don’t want you to wait weeks on end for an appointment because every minute counts when it comes to something as important as your health.

If your situation is serious, our specialist will write to your doctor on the NHS advising them that you need an urgent appointment.

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